With the passing of the Spring Equinox on March 20, it is officially Spring! I don’t know about you, but I am welcoming it after the months of cold cold Winter. Many of us know the saying - “Spring Cleaning”. Many of us probably even have the ritual of getting out the broom, dust pan, mop, etc... and cleaning up our homes. We might even get crazy and start to clean out the garage. But how many of us think about Spring Cleaning our bodies? I know that it didn’t cross my mind for most of my life. 

The Letter

The Letter

I am an old fashion letter writer. Don't expect to get a bday or holiday card, but I do love sending letters and notes in the mail. I just wrote one to some friends and had the sudden thought that I needed  put it in the body of this email so that you could all see "where" I am these days. I hope you are well and I hope in reading this you remember you are not alone....

My Dearest Mar Vista Mavens,

Okay, so you aren't "my" mavens, but I will affectionately pretend that you are. Oh my gosh do I miss you Beautiful Women tremendously. I don't miss a ton about LA, but some of the people...oh my...I do miss you/them.

Life is good. At this exact moment as this pen touches the paper... life is pretty great actually. I turned 45 since last we spoke/I wrote. Holy crap, I'm 1/2 way through this life and still have so much to learn!!!!


Through yoga, meditation, and writing we will explore how to have a healthier relationship to our body. Listen to what our body is telling us. Ask our body what it needs to feel good. Learn to view our body as an ally and not an enemy.