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Through yoga, meditation, and writing we will explore how to have a healthier relationship to our body. Listen to what our body is telling us. Ask our body what it needs to feel good. Learn to view our body as an ally and not an enemy.

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3 Holiday Gift Ideas

1. A Women's Retreat

Topic: Body Image
Time: Sat., Feb. 3  1pm-4pm
Location: TBD
Price: $30
Register: www.cjoyyoga.com
*Only 12 spots available

As a society we place a huge emphasis on appearance. Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Oh and the diet industry is a $55 BILLION industry! Read: You are not alone. Maybe people have said negative things to you about your body or maybe you have been the one saying them to yourself.

Through yoga, meditation, writing, and sharing let's take a look at where some of our personal ideas about our bodies come from. Let's start the process of learning to be in touch with feeling healthy instead of trying to look a certain way. Let's add to that a community of strong women who will help support us on this journey.

If you would like to pay in cash on the day of ~ please email me so I can hold a spot for you.

2. Private Yoga Sessions

Purchase: www.cjoyyoga.com

Pay $100 and get $30 off a 2 session package to give the gift of mindfulness and health to yourself or a loved one. That's less than $1/minute!

This purchase is good for 2 - 1 hour yoga sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Would you like to "get to know a pose"? Would you like to find out more details about your particular body? Intimidated by going to a studio since you haven't tried yoga before? What ever the reason, let's have 2 - 1 hour sessions together to get you more familiar with your body and with yoga.

3. Sweet Sweet Breath Wksp

Time: Sat., Dec.. 9  1pm-3pm
Location: Revolver Yoga Studio
Price: $35
Register: www.revolveryoga.com

Revitalize the body, obtain clarity of the mind, and calm the senses in a workshop exploring the breath. Learn the basics of Pranayama, or "breath expansion," and begin building a solid foundation for your own personal practice. The workshop will also include a series of restorative asanas to prepare the body and mind for the subtle work of the breath, which serves as a link between the mental and physical practices of yoga.

pure love,

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

~ Helen Keller ~

Park Classes Moving Indoors

Park:Tree Image.jpeg

Park Classes Moving Indoors

Happy Winter Folks,

I am so pleased to continue our summer/autumn classes inside. Miss Mattie Eisenberg of Spruce is allowing me to rent her beautiful space so the classes can continue through the end of the year.

Saturdays (11/11-12/23)
Time: 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Spruce 1105 W POPLAR ST. Walla Walla, WA 99362                                         (The building behind Giddy Up Coffee.)
Cost: $10

Mondays (11/13-12/18)
Time: 5:45pm-6:45pm
Location: Spruce 1105 W POPLAR ST. Walla Walla, WA 99362                                         (The building behind Giddy Up Coffee.)
Cost: $10

Also, Ladies, put a hold on your calendar for Saturday 11/18 from  1:00pm-4:00pm for a "Women's Retreat". I have not completed the flyers, but it will be a group of strong women coming together to explore "healthy boundaries" as we move into the holiday season. It will be a combination of yoga, meditation, art, sharing, and supporting one another on this journey we call life. My intention is to have it be monthly workshop exploring a new topic each time. I hope you can join.

That is what's on the docket for now. Please feel free to email me with questions. Remember if you don't want to be on the CJoy Yoga Locals List scroll down and hit unsubscribe. I hope to see some of you at Spruce or maybe just around town!!!

pure love,
christel joy