Back Home

so i meant to finish off my travel blog earlier this week, but upon returning home i seemed to take up most of my time playing catch up! with my kitties, with my bed, with my jobs and all other things.... 


above all, i am grateful for the experience. i had such a wonderful time and learned so much, both of myself and others. 

i have a deeper respect and love of my fellow company members. 


i have a much better understanding of ghost road company’s “process” having tried to explain it with my cohorts to both polish speakers as well as to 15 americans in a workshop setting. (i always say if you really want to learn something ~ teach it to someone else.) 


i met so many great people along the way who opened their arts, their skills, their homes, their openness & honesty, and their hearts.


i feel that i am definitely a better artist and a better person having gone on my month long journey.


although i did not practice the asanas of yoga as much as i would have liked, i did find myself using my yoga to help me through tense situations. to allow me to truly be present and enjoy what was happening at that moment. i would take moments to myself when i needed them so that i could regroup. i am so happy that it is getting to the point where i don’t have to work so hard at summoning my calmness and my center, but that it is starting to “appear” when i need it. 


and of course, leaving your home for a month sure makes you appreciate what you have upon your return. i have a new found love for my husband, our kitties (even duellie’s sometimes annoying cries!), our home, our garden, our farmer’

The Beginning of October

The Beginning of October