Cleansing and finding balance

so i am 1 week and 4 days into my cleanse. (if you don’t know what i’m talking about sign up for the newsletter and ask for april’s edition.)


i feel great. i find that the first 5 days are the hardest. my body is still craving that which it can no longer have. the toxins are in full effect in my body. my energy dips to super low at times i cannot predict and i have to remind myself that my body needs the down time to heal. so i try to be patient with myself. i try to move slower and have as much down time as i can scheduled during the first week.


then on about day 6 or 7 i am on fire. my energy is through the roof and everyone is asking how much coffee i had and what drugs i am on. it’s insane to feel that and know that is probably how i should feel a majority of the time if i were to always eat this well.


now i am in a bit further and i’m still doing great. my mental clarity is much better then usual. i am not forgetting as much and just generally sharper when figuring things out or just in going about my day. i feel lighter. and wow am i super positive. i mean, i’m a fairly positive girl already, but on this cleanse i am just happy to be alive and i love my jobs and my life. it also helps that i have made some major transitions into doing some things for myself jobwise. i am just happier!!!


so here is to cleansing and detoxifying the body and mind. i hope you can find this too!


and if you are used to this format and getting my weekly schedule - i now have a page on my website devoted to just that - so check it out.


i hope you are all well and feeling peace and happiness this evening.

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