Going easy on yourself

so i don’t know about you, but i have a tendency to be very hard on myself. if everything isn’t done on time (meaning early) and perfect - i have failed. it’s called high standards and although i think in some respect they are good - most often for me they are bad. as i grow older i am learning to let go a little bit. if you’ve been in one of my classes lately you may have heard me reference part of an article i recently read- “letting go doesn’t have to me losing control, letting go can mean creating some space...” (i am embarrassed that i cannot remember the author and i am also paraphrasing a bit, but obviously something about this stuck with me and so i have been sharing it.)


i have major control issues and thinking about it as “making space” rather than losing control is a bit profound to me. it is a way to shift my thinking so that it turns it into something positive. 


also, the older i get the more i realize that perfection lies in the imperfect. that piece of fruit with the weird nob. that laugh that bursts out when you trip and fall and make “a fool” of yourself. the way you begin to catch yourself when you are about to get mad at your husband for nothing he did and laugh at yourself instead. (maybe that last one is just me!!!) imperfection gives us the chance to grow and if we can’t grow while on this earth, then what....


namaste and have a wonderful week!


Spring Detox

Spring is here