i’m not sure why, but today i am especially grateful. maybe it is because my friend is healing and about to leave the hospital. maybe because i was able to go to the farmer’s market this morning and get amazing sustainably raised fruits and veggies of all kinds while i know most of my family are in the freezing midwest. maybe because i met my new neighbor who seems absolutely lovely. maybe because they found a growth on my brother’s kidney at an early stage so that rather than being devastating down the road, it can be removed now and he is alright. or maybe it is because i am able to look at these things positively instead of the bad. i do notice when i take the time to focus on the good, to take moments throughout my day to be grateful, i can start to look at things with positivity and clarity. 


i have tried to change the way i use my journal. for most of my life it was my therapist. when i was upset or sad i would start writing trying to figure it all out and get past the angst or depression. well, i now try to take the time to right down the things i am grateful for. the positive things that happened. there are days when it takes an awful lot to find the positive, but i’ve noticed that the more i write positively - the easier it is for me to find positive on the not great days and this makes it easier to get through those days when you get the call that your brother has cancer, that your dad had a stroke, that you get in a car accident, that you.........


one of my favorite quotes:

silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone



tell someone (or multiple people) that you are grateful for something they’ve done for you. doesn’t have to be current. and not just a thank you for opening a door, but heartfelt gratitude. the deeper it is the more satisfying it will be for the other person and in turn for you.


this week’s classes: 

*monday, february 7 / 7:00am-8:00am     @ bien etre studio 

monday, february 7 / 9:30pm-10:30pm  @ 24 hour fitness arcadia 

monday, february 7 / 12:00pm-1:00pm  @ 24 hour fitness hollywood

*wednesday, february 9 / 6:3pm-7:45pm @ bien etre studio 

saturday, february 12 / 8:30am-9:30am @ south pasadena class

*saturday, february 12 / 11:15am-12:30pm @ bien etre studio


*until the bien etre classes gets larger marianne will sub for me. however, if i have students let me know they are coming - i can come and teach.