New Newsletter

i just send out my first newsletter. i’m getting more and more “official” every day. if you are reading this and you did not receive my newsletter in your email inbox - be sure to click on the link (which is located on my home page) to join and i will make sure to add you.


remember that this time of year we can be prone to depression. so if your feeling that way - don’t fret, be proactive. it is part of the natural cycle of our bodies and the seasons. winter is a time to “hibernate”. just like trees losing there leaves in order to maintain their energy to get through the winter so they can bloom again, the human body needs much the same. so take the time to slow down and give your body it’s much needed rest - take a day and just sit and meditate, read, make some homemade soup, be creative around the house, take long hot baths, take leisurely strolls, watch movies. 


now that the holidays are done, try to get back on track with your diet. since your body is moving slowly and needs to reserve it’s energy - try to serve it well by avoiding foods that cause it extra labor in trying to digest. avoid excess of: processed foods, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and white flour. eating healthy will also help your mind/body stay positive, sharp and focused.


and of course, don’t forget your yoga!!! this also helps the mind/body stay positive, sharp and focused. and let’s not forget what it does for the soul. for other tips feel free to email me and ask. otherwise, with further ado:

this week’s classes: 

*saturday, january 15 / 8:30am-9:30pm  @ south pasadena class  

(*this is a free preview of my new class starting feb. 5th)

monday, january 17 / 7:00am-8:00am       @ bien etre studio 

monday, january 17 / 9:30pm-10:30pm  @ 24 hour fitness arcadia 

monday, january 17 / 12:00pm-1:00pm  @ 24 hour fitness hollywood


wednesday 19 & saturday 22 classes marianne will sub for me