Super Hero

Super Hero

i have a big heart. silly and simple, but true. my heart has an amazing capacity to love. and although sometimes i love this about myself, often, growing up i tried desperately to make it “go away”. because the thing is,  having a big heart means that it gets hurt super easily. there it was for anyone to take a piece of and i was often left with huge holes afraid i would keep the hurt and lose the love. it was a gift i was given, but i didn’t know how to use it properly. so, i did not embrace it and i have spent all of my life trying to figure out how to protect it; trying not to love as much as i do.


so i was watching a play on friday night and at one point, one of the characters talks about how he believes that everybody has a super power. it may not be the ability to fly or change weather or read people’s minds, but that we each have a power/talent/gift inside of us to offer to the world. i believe this too, i had just never thought of it as a super power. and i didn’t realize until last night when my husband told me he loves me for my huge heart, my capacity to love and he wanted to make sure i knew that - that my big heart is my super power. (thank you honey, i needed to hear those words at exactly that moment.)


as he is saying this i realize that my heart is my gift to give to the world. i have this huge heart because not everybody does, or maybe they don’t know how to access it, or it is depleted at the moment. i am there to share my love for those around me in these predicaments. at times when someone is sick, i am compelled to be there to take care of them. i don’t know why, but i have to. and then i am there helping someone after surgery, after a stroke, after the death of a loved one, as they are about to have a baby - and i know it is where i am suppose to be. i nurture them and love them - it’s just what i do, i can’t stop it. but you know what - i don’t want to stop it anymore. because as i walk away once they’ve begun to heal, i know they will heal a little faster because of me. that my strength and my love helped supplement them when their own supply was diminished.


i still haven’t mastered how to protect it, but the other amazing thing about my heart, it fills right back up again. every time! and i am ready to give strength and love to the next person/thing who needs me in their life. i will be the first to admit that it affects me, i get drained and i cry. as they take my love, i take their pain and often their negative energy and i have to take care of myself to refill. but i now know that my heart will refill and i am willing to to take that journey to help someone else on theirs. 


one of my favorite quotes:

be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


what’s your super power?


this week’s classes: 

*monday, january 24 / 7:00am-8:00am     @ bien etre studio 

monday, january 24 / 9:30pm-10:30pm  @ 24 hour fitness arcadia 

monday, january 24 / 12:00pm-1:00pm  @ 24 hour fitness hollywood

*wednesday, january 26 / 6:3pm-7:45pm @ bien etre studio 

no saturday classes as i will be taking a teacher training course


*until the bien etre classes gets larger marianne will sub for me. however, if i have students let me know they are coming - i can come and teach.






Taking a moment to set an intention

Taking a moment to set an intention

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