Taking a moment to set an intention

one of my beautiful teachers often has us start class by “setting an intention” and i have noticed that on the days i set an intention i am more aware of bringing that yoga and that intention with me throughout the day as i go. often i’ll set the intention of laughing more or accomplishing my to do list or maintaining positivity no matter what my occur and as my day moves on and i am no longer in my safe zone on my yoga mat, i will remember setting it and take a moment to see it through. it’s a lovely tool that i would like to share with you. i teach it in my classes and i also try to start my day with it even if i’m not on the mat.


sit in sukhasana (easy pose). shins cross 1/2 way and your heels as close to under your knees as possible. sit up tall and bring your hands together in namaste at your heart. inhale, pressing you palms together and feel how doing this can help release your shoulder blades onto your back and help your chest open. exhale and stay here for one more cycle of breath. on your next exhale, keep your chest open as you bow your head to your heart. as you breath deeply, take the time now to set an intention for yourself. maybe it is for class; maybe for the next 3 hours, today or even for the week. it can be a feeling you want to have, a specific task, a goal, or even a wish. inhale while keeping this intention in your mind’s eye. exhale and seal it in. with your next inhale, gently raise your head and slowly open your eyes with a soft focus. enjoy the rest of your practice and your day!


this week’s classes: 

saturday, february 5 / 8:30am-9:30am @ south pasadena class 


i will have subs for all other classes this week due to a restorative yoga teacher training