The holidays are here and a new year around the corner!

holy cow! how did we get this far into another year? as we move into the holidays here are a few things i am going to focus on as i approach what is sometimes a stressful time of year.


  1. view this time as an opportunity to learn more about myself while i am with family. instead of falling into old patterns, i want to observe my reactions and by observing, begin to change the patterns i don’t care for. and even though i may want to change someone else’s pattern, i cannot and therefore must learn more about me by noticing the reactions i have to their patterns. let them be my teacher.
  2. walking away if i need a break (for whatever reason) and taking a moment to myself. 
  3. i will savor my food. i am not going to be hard on myself for eating poorly. this is the time of year to do it. but i do want to savor what i am eating in hopes of really enjoying this time while i allow myself to eat too much sugar and flour and dairy and so on and so on. also because i recently read an article on how bringing awareness and savoring every bite will help you enjoy what you are eating and also realize your full sooner and that you don’t need to overstuff yourself. a little goes a long way if you let it. (i tend to keep going and am trying to change this pattern)
  4. to not go into this holiday season expecting stress. i have a tendency to think it will be stressful and you know what they say - thinking makes it so. so starting now, i am visualizing a relaxing, amazing week with my family and friends. 
  5. and lastly - to make sure i maintain my yoga practice every day even if i’m lazy or full or busy. it’s the time i need it most!


this week i will not be with you much; i only have one class. i encourage you to still go to class tomorrow (i have a sub) and to do what you can on your own. have an amazing week whatever you celebrate (maybe you will just celebrate yourself!) 


this week’s class:

thursday, december 23 / 9:30pm-10:30pm @ 24 hour fitness arcadia