Week 3 ~ Done!

so on saturday i finished week #3 of my cleanse. i only have one more week to go and it is officially over.


how do i feel?     awesome! my body feels recharged. i have enormous amounts of energy. i do still have an occasional down swing too, but mainly i don’t know what to do with all of my energy. 


i am super positive - and without trying to talk myself into it :-) 

i am really in love with my life and where i am right now. i know that i am exactly where i am meant to be. and ladies - as i am about to start my cycle - i am the least cranky pants i have been all year. i still want to eat the chocolate or fries, but since i am not i feel lighter, am less bloated and have a better handle on the emotional instability that usual comes with mine. it’s still there a bit, but not as deep as it usually is.


now the thing i am trying to do is set myself up for success after it ends. my plan of attack is to allow myself a treat or two on sunday and then i will eat like i am on the cleanse during the week.


so that boils down to eating very healthy with no treats during the week days and allowing myself to have little treats and splurge a bit on the weekends. no - not binge - very different. say if i go to a b-day party, i can eat a small piece of cake. if my honey and i want to go out to eat, i can have split a sandwich and fries with him. 


i think if you try to eat super healthy all the time and have tons of restrictions you set yourself up for failure. so find the balance. the one i have found that works for me is the on a healthy diet for 5 days of the week and the moderately off a healthy diet 2 days a week.


i consider a healthy diet to be eating:

no or very little processed foods

no sugar

no white flour

limited dairy


lots of: 

fruits and veggies

whole grains


nuts and seeds


i prepare most of my food at home and bring my meals with me. i save a ton of dough and can regulate what goes into a meal and how much i can have. portion control is always a hard one for me - so if i pack my own lunch i pack a proper portion and can only have what’s in my lunchbox. that way i have smaller amounts.


a lot to do with the diet this month folks. but i do believe the diet is a very important factor of our lives. it can help keep us free of disease, keep our minds and bodies strong, and allow us to have a healthy positive attitude.


oh and just in case - my thursday, downtown pasadena 24 hour fitness class was permanently cancelled. they did it as a trial and it didn’t get as big as they had wanted. bummer!!!!


have a great week.



christel joy


We cannot all do great things….

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