Ode To The Winter Solstice


The light that once kissed my face is hiding more oft than not these days and I stumble in the darkness.

Having stubbed my toes...
     all of them...
          any number of times, walking became difficult and so I simply stopped.

My legs became tired and so I sat.

My back began to ache and so I lay down on the cold wet floor.

It is not comfortable and yet I cannot seem to get up.
     It is as if I am bolted here.

My eyes are so full of tears that I cannot see,
     But then again even if the tears were not there the darkness would obscure my sight.

I know the solstice is almost neigh.
     Yet even that knowledge does not lift my bones.

So I will wait here
     I will turn my face towards where the sun will appear again
          Waiting for it to kiss my cheeks and dry my eyes.



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