Embodied Yoga: The Shoulder Girdle Complex & The Neck

Embodied Yoga: The Shoulder Girdle Complex & The Neck

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The Shoulder Girdle Complex is just that - complex. It is arguably the least stable joint of the body (by design). It is designed for mobility as the shoulder girdle affords us considerable movement so that we may move our arms without effort or thought. It shares muscles with the neck and thoracic spine, serves as a storage space for our stress, and allows us to grab, reach, pull, and carry on a daily basis.

We risk injury when our poses involves repetitive weight bearing through the arms and we have not learned how to stabilize the shoulder joint properly. An informed and diligent focus on shoulder alignment can transform a potentially vulnerable joint into a cornerstone of stability for a sustainable long term yoga practice. 
In this workshop we will:

Take a close look at the intricate design/anatomy of the shoulder girdle complex and how movement is coordinated between its various bones and joints.
Explore key muscles of movement and stability of the shoulders and neck as well as ways to access these muscles in the asanas for greater stability and control.
Examine the cervical spine and its relationship to the rib cage and shoulder girdle complex in posture, breathing, and movement.
Learn effective strategies for improving neck stability for decreased pain and stiffness.

Yoga Alliance teachers will receive 3 hours/credits toward your continuing education at the completion of the workshop.

Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Cost: $60
Early Bird Pricing: $45 if purchased by Sunday, April 21, 2019 

About Christel Joy:
Christel Joy Johnson is a E-RYT ® 500, YACEP ® certified yoga teacher. She is a teacher of both the art and technique of yoga. She leads people into their body with alignment, but also encourages them to explore to become a student of their own body.
She blends practical knowledge, spiritual awareness, and likes to have a few laughs along the way. She leads retreats, adventures, and workshops in Walla Walla, Los Angeles, and beyond.

More Info: www.cjoyyoga.com