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My yoga specialty is working with injured bodies and medical conditions to help enable you to heal yourself. Even more awesome than helping someone heal themselves from an injury is to help them never get one in the first place!


My Services

Privates ~ A one hour session in the privacy of your home (or mine).

Semi-privates ~ Find a small group of friends to split the cost. Don’t know anyone interested? Give me your name and number and I’ll try to find you a partner.

Skype Privates ~ A one hour session online through the Skype platform. I’ll design/improvise a class specifically for your body.

Patreon ~ Online classes by monthly subscription.

Classes ~ Weekly public classes through City of Walla WallaParks & Rec.

Workshops ~ In depth explorations of various topics.

Retreats & Adventures - Taking yoga on the road.

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The people who have most inspired me are people who are willing to talk about their struggles, their hard times, their shadow side. In them sharing this side of themselves… I feel more at peace with my imperfections.

We are all imperfect and I try my darnedest to write about my imperfections. To let you know you are not alone. To inspire you to share your story, your truth. To dare to be vulnerable (even though it’s the scary choice), but in doing so, feeling the deepest connections to yourself and others.

I’m not saying I have it all figured out, but I’m putting myself out there in hopes that it helps you figure out a thing or two - too!

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My Practice

I have been trained at the 500 level through Yoga Works. I am also Yoga Alliance Certified (E-RYT 500). A practitioner for over 17 years, a teacher for over 8 - I feel blessed to be doing something I love on a daily basis. I am honored that people allow me to share my path to becoming happy and healthy.